Getting your Ex-boyfriend Back After He has Moved on

Published: 25th November 2009
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So your ex-boyfriend is dating somebody else. Does that mean that it's all over for the two of you? Not necessarily. As they say, "It isn't over until it's over". It may sound cheesy but it's perfectly true in the world of relationships. Unless your ex-boyfriend tells you straight in the face that he does not even like you anymore, you should not give up on getting him back.

But getting your ex back when he's dating somebody else demands a bit of strategy.

The crucial factor in successfully getting your ex-boyfriend back after he has started to date someone else is to make him miss you. In order to do that you need to employ certain psychological tricks to come out on top in the tussle for your ex. Hey, all's fair in love and war, right? So long as your ex is still not married to her, he's fair game.

Let me share with you what I have learned through my own experiences in winning back my ex-boyfriend even after he started dating someone else. If you want to stand a chance of winning your ex-boyfriend back, you have to appeal to his ego. This does not mean false flattery or encouraging pride in him. It means you need to find ways to boost your ex-boyfriend's sense of self-image. Every guy wants to feel attractive, admired, successful, needed and valued. Hence, whenever you need advice on anything, ask your ex for his opinion. Give him the idea that you think he is smart and knowledgeable. Whenever you need help in anything, ask your ex for assistance. This makes him feel wanted and valued. Whenever he does anything, tell him what a great job he did. Complement and encourage him. This makes him feel good. Get the idea?

If you do this more than the other woman he's dating, you've got him like a fish on a hook.

The other thing you should do is employ some innocent flirting with your ex, especially when the other woman is not around. When he looks at you, give him a smile and return his look out of the corner of your eye. Speak to your ex in his love language, be it physical touch, quality time, giving gifts, acts of service or words of encouragement. This will attract him even more to you.

When you talk to him, bring up times in the past when you had a good time together. Reminisce on the laughter, the fun and the crazy things you did as a couple. This will make him long for such times again.

These are all hints to your ex that you are still available and that having you is better than anyone else. Soon he will be back in your arms where he belongs.

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